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Al Gregor is a deputy in Lochsa County.


When Cassie and Jenny came to the sheriff's office looking for information on Rosie, Gregor followed them outside, attempting to intimidate them. He later pulled Cassie over and arrested her when she refused a Breathalyzer. He then drove her past the sheriff's department, causing her to start to panic.[1]

Gregor kept driving until he reached a location where another car flashed its lights at him. He then tried to get Cassie out of the back seat, but she shoved the door into him and tried to run. He chased her and caught up to her when she fell and hit her head. After they discovered that Cassie had made a call and was recording the whole event, Gregor took Cassie back to the sheriff's department. Wagy was critical of this decision, but ended up releasing Cassie when Mark Lindor used his power as a US Marshal to get the governor to call personally.[2]

Gregor came to the scene when Rand Kleinsasser drove his truck into the motel, killing Angela and injuring Jenny.[3]

When John Wayne was shot and killed on the Kleinsasser property, Wagy and Gregor came to take over the investigation, telling Jenny and Cassie to live. Cassie and Jenny refused to stand down and said they'd be telling the world what they were doing. Gregor defended himself, saying he'd saved Cassie's life by not killing her as Wagy had ordered. Wagy got angry at him for saying that and ordered him back into the car. As they went to leave, Jenny revealed that she'd recorded the whole conversation.[4]

Soon afterward, Tubb arrived in Lochsa and Gregor and Wagy were arrested.[5]







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