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Alan Hedley is a man who was involved in shady business dealings.


Alan had fallen on hard times, but promised his wife he'd do whatever it took to take care of them. According to his father-in-law, Bruce, he'd taken to selling his collectibles, but hid it from his wife because he didn't want her to worry. Naomi, believing he was cheating on her, hired Cassie and Jenny to get proof. When they found instead that he was being followed by Paul Calgrove, an extremely dangerous criminal, they followed Alan and were able to save him from being killed. Meanwhile, Alan escaped out through the bathroom with a case with unknown contents.

Paul and Raymond tracked Alan to another hotel. Paul confronted Alan, but Alan pushed him backward, accidentally killing him when he was impaled on a deer head. Alan then fled, leaving his phone and the case he'd been carrying behind.

Alan ended up back at his home, where he found Raymond holding his wife and father-in-law hostage. After Raymond was shot and Naomi and Bruce were freed, Alan was arrested for his part in a plot to harvest and sell thoroughbred horse semen.



He is married to Naomi Hedley.

Notes and Trivia

  • He'd been sober for ten years at the time of his arrest.