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All Kinds of Snakes is the eleventh episode of the first season of Big Sky and the 11th episode of the series overall. It was written by Elwood Reid and Maria Sten and directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton. It premiered on April 13, 2021 on ABC.


Three months after Ronald's escape, Cassie and Jenny have officially partnered up to take down a fresh slew of troublemakers, but all isn't coming up roses. Ronald is still on the loose, a domestic case takes a macabre and deadly turn, and a U.S. Marshall is sticking his nose in their case files. Right as the women of Dewell & Hoyt seem to be getting used to the new normal, Jenny gets an alarming call from an old flame, leading her and Cassie headfirst into a new case, a new jurisdiction, and a whole lot of new trouble. It's time to meet the Kleinsassers.


Mark talks to a dog in a junkyard. He asks Cassie how the case is going and she says it's really more of a favor. He's an old friend of Jenny's. Mark says he can help on other cases, not just Ronald, if she needs it. She'd rather he focus on Ronald. They get to their target, a truck they believe is Ronald's. He painted it, but he didn't paint over where one of his hostages scratched, "HELP ME. -KELLI" into the wall.

Ronald tells Scarlet he fixed a leak under the sink. He's surprised to see her holding his taser. She found it in the bathroom and doesn't know what it is. Scarlet asks if he has a secret he wants to tell her. He denies having any secrets, but she says she'll tell hers if he tells his. She knows he has secrets because she's seen the scars on his leg. She asks if it's from the taser and he says it is. Her secret is that she like to steal things. It makes her feel powerful. She says he can share his secrets when he's ready. But in order to get the taser back, he has to kiss her, which he does. When the first isn't good enough, he does it again and then takes the taser.

Jenny warns Cassie not to let Blake charm her as they go to visit him. She only agreed to hear him out. On their way in, they meet Reynolds, his lawyer, who gives them Blake's file, which includes a photo of his alleged victim the night she was assaulted. Reynolds asks if they know who the Kleinsassers are and the power they hold in Lochsa. People around there won't take kindly to her poking around.

Blake is happy to see Jenny. She tells him he looks like hell. She introduces him to Cassie and says she thought he was in New York. He was, then he went a few other places. Now he's back because his father had a stroke and he wanted to help with the ranch transition because Horst is dying. Jenny shows him the file and asks if he beat Rosie Amaya. He says he didn't. She asks him to tell them about that night. He says he met her at the bar. They were talking and drinking. He offered to take her to get some things at her cabin. His father had fired her father, Gil, after 25 years. Horst ran them off and put a lock on the caretaker's cabin. He told Rosie they could sneak in there and get some stuff for her. He saw some lights and went to look, but fell and hit his head. He woke up in a hotel room with a busted lip and he was told he'd attacked her. He knows he didn't. He's known Rosie since she was a little girl. He's not that kind of guy. Cassie asks why he was staying in a hotel instead of at the ranch. Blake says as first-born son, he's due to inherit the ranch when his father dies and his brothers don't like that idea. He thinks they should sell the ranch and told them that. But John Wayne disagrees and Rand agrees with whatever John Wayne wants. Cheyenne eats whatever scraps Horst throws her. None of his family members saw him that night. He says Jenny's the only person who can help him and he insists that he didn't do it. Jenny promises to take a look.

As they leave the jail, Jenny tells Cassie that Blake didn't do it. Cassie's not so sure as the file is pretty damning. Jenny says his family might have set him up. Blake might not be the guy she knew. Jenny says she'll get them some rooms and start asking around. A truck pulls up and Jenny recognizes the driver as Rand Kleinsasser, Blake's psycho younger brother. She tells Cassie to get in her car and drive away.

John Wayne and Rand arrive back at the ranch. John Wayne tells Rand they're not telling their dad until after what happened with Blake blows over.

Inside, their mother, Margaret, asks if they saw Blake or talked to him. They say they had no reason to and Blake should have stayed away. Cheyenne comes in and tries to get them riled up for Game Night. Rand doesn't want to play, but Margaret says he'll have to tell his father that himself.

They have Chutes and Ladders set up. Horst says they're going clockwise. They talk trash about Cheyenne, who says Blake would kick their asses if he was there. They remind her that he isn't. Margaret wants them to focus on the game. Horst struggles to take his turn and gets angry when Margaret tries to do it for him. Horst reminds them things haven't changed yet. Rand tries to cheat and leaves the game when they stop him. Horst threatens him with a gun to get him to sit back down, firing it at a deer head to prove that it's loaded. They start playing again.

Mark makes small talk with Jerrie, who tells him to ask about Ronald if he wants to know about Ronald. He asks her to tell him something that's not in the report, a feeling or a moment. Jerrie tells him about the moment in the shower when she stripped off her clothes. She felt safe with him and doesn't know why. It was just a feeling like maybe he was looking for something, maybe love. Mark thanks her for sharing that.

The men fight in the background as Cheyenne goes to check on Margaret. Margaret says she needs one and promises Cheyenne she'll eat something. Cheyenne gives her a pill and she takes it. Cheyenne hugs her and says it won't be long now. Everything will be okay.

Jenny enters the hotel and talks to Earl about getting a room with two beds. He asks her several questions about why she's there which she shrugs off.

Horst finds John Wayne in his office and asks if he's looking for something. Horst always thought Blake would be gunning for the place, but after everything that's happened, the ranch will go to John Wayne. He's going to have start making decisions for himself and take care of his mother, sister, and brothers. That includes Blake. John Wayne tells Horst that Blake has private investigators poking around. Margaret remembers Jenny Hoyt. Blake and Jenny used to date. Horst says she has no business around there and they don't need anyone poking around their business. John Wayne says he'll take care of it.

Scarlet tells Ronald it's okay to talk about what he likes. And it's okay to like what he likes. She says there are things she likes that she's never told anybody, but he silences her. She rolls over, hurt, and he apologizes.

Cassie comes to the hotel room door. Jenny asks if she's heard from Mark. Cassie says they're sure it's Ronald's truck, but the VIN has been removed, so they can't confirm it. Jenny called Sheriff Wagy and got the runaround. Cassie wants to ambush him in the morning and try to find Rosie. They hear noise outside and go out to find Jenny's truck has been vandalized and her tires slashed.

Jenny and Cassie go to the sheriff's department and tell Angela at the front desk they're there to see Sheriff Wagy in reference to Blake's case. Angela goes to see if he has the time.

Way greets them cheerfully. He's familiar with them from the Legarski case. They report the vandalism, but Wagy brushes it off as local boys having fun. He offers to open up an investigation, but Jenny decides to skip over that and get to why they're really there. They ask him about Blake Kleinsasser. They want to confirm the details of the case and speak to Rosie. Wagy says that won't be possible. It'd be better if they read the report. He tells them to leave their number and he'll let them know when he gets the evidence back.

On their way out, Jenny hands Angela her card and asks her to call when the evidence comes back in.

Angela follows them out quietly, asking where they're staying in case anything comes in. When Jenny says they're at the Grey Cliff Inn, Angela becomes concerned. Jenny knows there's more she's not saying, but goes back to the building when she sees that Deputy Al Gregor has come outside. He tips his hat at them. Jenny and Cassie agree to divide and conquer. Cassie's heading to the bar where Blake and Rosie were last seen together.

A sign on the Kleinsasser ranch warns against trespassing and hunting. John Wayne comes back in from riding his horse and asks Rand for help rounding up cattle. They got out through the fence Rand was supposed to fix. Rand says he's busy. John Wayne sees a vial nearby and drags Rand off the couch. Rand says John Wayne can kill him if he wants, but John Wayne says he won't have to if Rand keeps smoking that stuff. Rand says it helps him focus. John Wayne says they have to figure out what to do about Jenny, which Rand takes to mean they didn't get the message. Rand thinks they're pretty and likes watching them. He remembers watching Jenny and Blake swim naked in the stock pond. Rand fantasizes about killing Jenny. John Wayne tells him to get his head straight. He knows what Rand has going in that trailer and says he's not invisible. If Horst finds out, he'll beat Rand's ass, then shoot him. Rand threatens to kill Cheyenne if she tells, but John Wayne says he won't do that.

Jenny arrives at the Kleinsassers and is greeted by Margaret, who remembers her and invites her in for tea.

Jenny says the place hasn't change and Margaret says nothing does around here. Margaret has followed Jenny and knows what happened, especially with Cody. She worries the same for her boys when they leave, if they'll ever come back. Jenny tells Margaret Blake reached out to her. She knows Blake didn't do it. Margaret always hoped Jenny and Blake would end up together. Their conversation is interrupted by Horst, who asks why she's there. Jenny says she'd like to look at the caretaker's cabin. Horst says dropping in like she did is called trespassing here. Jenny says Margaret invited her in, but Horst tells her to drink her tea and leave and never come back. Jenny takes a final sip, nods, and leaves.

Ronald lights a candle, puts it in a cake, and talks to someone named Kelli, telling her he met someone special, who understands him unlike her. He came there to say goodbye. He knows now what they had wasn't real, but it could have been. He lit a candle to make a wish, but won't tell her the wish he made. He takes out a knife and blows out the candle, saying goodbye.

Horst apologizes to the deer head, Cecil, for shooting it. He was a good boy, unlike Horst's boys. He'd have been better off spilling his seed down a gopher hole. Blake was the only one worth anything. Margaret comes in to give him his meds. Horst wonders what happened. They used to have all the best things. Now everything is going downhill and he doesn't know how it happened. Margaret just tells him to take his pills. He starts coughing and takes a sip of water. He tells her nothing works anymore, which she knows. Margaret wants to talk about Blake. She can't stand the thought of him sitting in a jail cell. Horst tells her not to worry, that he's taking care of it.

Cassie is at the bar listening to Dan tell her a story about branding an animal. When he goes to start another story, she interrupts and asks Nick, the bartender, if he's there every night. He says he is, so she asks him about Blake and Rosie. Nick says Blake was and having a good time and bought a bottle of whiskey to go. Cheyenne is down a few seats and buys the next round for Dan. Cheyenne warns Cassie that Dan is all talk. Then she sits next to Cassie and introduces herself. Cheyenne knows who Cassie is and asks where Jenny is. Cheyenne knows they're there to help Blake. They haven't seen Blake in years and now he's back in town because Horst is dying, saying he has all these great ideas for the ranch. Blake beating on Rosie is despicable in her mind. Cheyenne's resentful that John Wayne's going to get the ranch now. Cassie's phone starts vibrating.

Outside, Cassie tells Jenny she's talking to Cheyenne. Jenny tells her she had no luck at the ranch. But she knows a back way in and needs to get in to check Blake's story. Cassie says she'll meet Jenny there.

Cheyenne warns Cassie that her brothers won't appreciate them looking into Blake and asking questions. As Cassie goes to leave, John Wayne comes in and wants Cassie to have a drink with him. She ducks around him and leaves. Dan tries to tell John Wayne to leave Cassie alone and John Wayne punches him.

John Wayne watches Cassie drive away.

Kent comes to Mark with a flash drive that has some information about the Pergman case. The camera saw something. They have footage of Ronald at his mother's grave. He took blankets and slept there all night. After Kent leaves, Mark pulls out a notebook and writes, "I'm always with you," on a page.

Mark goes to Helen's grave. He leaves the note he wrote on top of the headstone under a rock.

Jenny makes her way through a fence onto the Kleinsasser property.

Cassie is annoyed as she gets pulled over.

Al Gregor comes to Cassie's window, saying she was swerving as she left the bar and asking her to take a breathalyzer. She tells him she has the right to refuse, so he has her step out of the car. She is reluctant, but complies. Once she's out, he handcuffs her and puts her in the back of his car.

Blake changes his clothes and gets released from jail. In the parking lot, Horst drives up and tells him to get in.

Jenny reaches the trailer, where a light is on. Inside, Melinda sees her and alerts Rand to her presence. Rand stops what he's doing and goes to chase Jenny as she runs away. Jenny trips and falls into the pit. Rand tells her she looks pretty in there with all the dead things.

Cassie rides in the back of the car. They pass the sheriff's department and she starts to panic, asking where he's taking her.

Rand tells Jenny it was dumb to come alone. He asks if she came to see him.



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Song Performer Scene
"War" Excessum
  • Rand drives up to the jail in his truck and watches Cassie and Jenny.
  • Cassie and Cheyenne talk at the bar.
"Me and Mine" The Brothers Bright
  • Ran hovers over Jenny.
  • Cassie rides in the back of a squad car.
  • She notices the cop has driven past the sheriff's office.
  • She immediately tries to escape.
  • Rand threatens Jenny.


  • This episode scored 3.43 million viewers.


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