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Angela is a receptionist at the Lochsa County Sheriff's Department.


Angela was the front desk when Jenny and Cassie came in to talk to Sheriff Wagy. She went to check if Wagy had the time to talk to them. Later, as Cassie and Jenny went to leave, Jenny gave Angela her card and asked her to call when the evidence in the Rosie Amaya case came back. Angela followed them out of the building and asked where they were staying so she could come to them if anything came in. When she noticed Deputy Al Gregor watching her, she said she get back to work.[1]

Angela greeted Mark Lindor when he arrived in Lochsa after getting a message that indicated that Cassie had been kidnapped. Angela got the sheriff for him and then took the call when the governor's office called on Mark's behalf to get Cassie released.[2]

When Blake Kleinsasser was found dead on his family's property, Jenny came to the sheriff's department to inquire about the circumstances. Out loud, Angela said she couldn't tell Jenny anything, while she silently indicated to Jenny that they'd talk that night.

That evening, Angela came to the motel where Jenny was staying to talk to her. Angela seemed nervous when she arrived. She gave Jenny paperwork that proved that the sheriff knew that Blake didn't hurt Rosie and covered it up. Angela also didn't believe that Blake killed himself, but said Wagy had it written up as one. Before she could continue, Angela asked for a drink. While they were sharing a drink, a truck drove through the motel.[3] Angela died quickly of her injuries.[4]







She was a receptionist for the Lochsa County Sheriff's Department.

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