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Brad Gunther is a trucker briefly suspected of being involved in the kidnappings.


Brad was at a truck stop when around the time Jerrie Kennedy was kidnapped. Jenny went undercover in order to get into his truck in the hope of getting items that could be tested for the missing girls' DNA. She easily got invited into his truck by posing as a sex worker. However, when he asked her to sanitize her hands and body while talking about how dirty American sex workers usually were. After he made her gargle with mouthwash, she became impatient and started grabbing items to take. He tried to stop her, saying she couldn't just take things without a warrant and didn't believe she was a cop. He followed her out of the truck and grabbed her, threatening her with a knife. She shoved him off, but then he pulled out a gun. At that point, Cassie approached with her own gun. Sheriff Tubb arrived at some point after and Brad was arrested. Having a gun was a violation of his probation, so he'd be doing some jail time for that, but was not further investigated relating to the missing girls.


He is a long-haul trucker. He hauls beef for Jasper West Trucking.

Notes and Trivia

  • He says he'd prefer only to see Russian sex workers as they're very clean.
  • He had two prior assault convictions and six arrests for solicitation with three convictions.


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