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Bruce Stone is the father-in-law of Alan Hedley.


Bruce was working with his son-in-law, Alan, to harvest and sell thoroughbred horse semen that didn't belong to them. When Cassie and Jenny came to Naomi and Alan's house after discovering that Alan wasn't just a cheating husband and could be in real danger, Bruce assured them Alan was fine and had just been selling his collectibles without Naomi knowing. Bruce offered to cover Jenny and Cassie's bill, but said their services were no longer required.

Despite this, Jenny and Cassie continued searching and found that Alan had called Bruce seven times in one day, making them believe Bruce was involved with Alan in a plot to steal and sell thoroughbred horse semen. They went back to Naomi and Alan's house and found Bruce and Naomi being held at gunpoint by Raymond. After a brief standoff, Jenny shot Raymond to free them.

After Alan was arrested, Tubb questioned Bruce about his part in the operation. Bruce denied everything, so Tubb told him to get a good lawyer.



He is very protective of his daughter, Naomi.