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Danielle Sullivan is a teen girl who was kidnapped along with her sister after becoming stranded.


Early Life

Being Kidnapped

Danielle and her sister, Grace, were on a road trip to visit Danielle's boyfriend, Justin Hoyt. While driving on I-90, Danielle got a call from Justin, who said there was traffic due to an accident up ahead, so he suggested an alternate route. After they got off the interstate, the check engine light came on and Danielle pulled over to let the engine cool off. Soon after she stopped, the light turned off and she went to pull back on the road. She and Grace were both scared when a trucker drove by and didn't stop after nearly hitting them. Danielle was angered by this and began to chase him. She quickly caught up to him. As she tried to pass, he swerved into her lane, nearly running them off the road. Danielle was more determined than ever and finally passed him, yelling at him as she did, calling him a loser. As they were on a hill, he was unable to keep up with them after they passed him. They then reached their exit and got off.

They continued driving and Danielle noticed that she had no signal on her phone. Then her start started making noises and she had to stop. The check engine light came on again. Grace questioned when the last time Danielle got the car looked at was and they started arguing over that. They waited for a while. Grace said they had to sit there until the engine was cooled so they could check the radiator. They waited for someone to come along to help them and were excited to see lights until they realized it was the same trucker who cut them off before. He came to the driver's side window, broke the glass, and tased Danielle before going around to the other side and doing the same thing to Grace.

Danielle and Grace woke up in the back of Ronald's truck, with their mouths and arms taped. Grace was able to get the tape off her mouth and free Danielle. She realized he'd taken their phones. Grace then noticed another body in the truck, wrapped in plastic and not moving. Grace opened the plastic to reveal Jerrie. She started CPR and continued until Jerrie woke up with a gasp. They then banged on the side of the truck, causing Ronald to pull over and check on them. Danielle told him Jerrie was dead. When he went over to check, Jerrie stabbed him in the neck with a tease comb and Danielle jumped on his back, but he used his taser to knock them all back out before leaving them in the back of the truck again. The next time they woke up, they were locked in a storage container with chains on their legs. Danielle looked at Jerrie and asked how he got her. She told them he got her at a truck stop.[1]

While their captivity continued, Grace tried to reassure Danielle, saying their mom tracked Danielle's phone and reminding her that if Ronald wanted to kill them he'd have done it already. Grace then figured out they were underground. She asked Jerrie about her capture and Jerrie said she'd climbed into his rig, saying she worked in "human services." Danielle then quietly told Grace she believed Jerrie was transgender. Then she asked Jerrie directly, upsetting Grace. Jerrie confirmed that she was. Ronald then opened the container they were in, confronted the girls for how they'd treated him, threw some supplies in, and left.

Grace told the others they needed two plans for survival: one physical and one emotional. She planned Stockholm Syndrome for the physical survival and wanted to use Danielle to lure Ronald into removing their leg chains. They then would attack him. For the emotional survival plan, she suggested singing together, as Jerrie had told them she was a singer and she and Danielle sang in a church choir when they were kids. Jerrie also suggested their religious background might help them bond with Ronald.

Ronald returned while they were singing and took Jerrie to get her cleaned up. When she resisted, he showed that he had the taser with him. Grace then told him she and Danielle had an uncle who was a cop and she'd sent him a picture of Ronald's plate after he cut them off. It would only be a matter of time. Ronald believed she was lying and took Jerrie anyway. Not long after, Jerrie returned and told Danielle and Grace that they were human traffickers and were planning to sell them as sex slaves. She got out of it by showing Ronald the goods. Danielle and Grace reminded her that she still had the two of them. Back together, the girls sang together again to ease their troubles.[2]

Grace was able to use her shoelace to release her leg iron. She showed Jerrie and Danielle how she did it as she released the other leg, then started to work on them. Once they were free, they started looking for a way out. Jerrie found a patch of the wall with some give, so they started pushing on it. They were eventually able to make a gap big enough for Grace to slip through, but without Grace’s strength, Danielle and Jerrie weren’t able to move it enough to get out themselves. Jerrie then guided Grace to the trap door Ronald took her through, but she found it locked. Grace then noticed running water and started breaking away at the source. Before she could get all the way through, Ronald returned. He opened the container and discovered that Grace wasn’t in there and quickly closed it again.

Danielle and Jerrie worried about Grace after her escape. Danielle was worried she was dead, but Jerrie thought it was more likely that she got out. With Grace gone, Danielle and Jerrie talked about Jerrie’s childhood. When Ronald returned, they both attacked him, but he used the taser to subdue them again. Later, the container was opened again and Grace was returned. She’d been shot twice in the leg with an arrow, worrying Danielle.[3]

When Grace's leg wounds started to get infected, she instructed Jerrie and Danielle to take maggots out of a can of canned ham to put in the wound to clean it out. Grace said the fact that it was disgusting might actually help them as they were meant to be trafficked and she wouldn't be presentable with an infection, so they'd have to give her antibiotics or something, which would buy them time. When Ronald next came, he cleaned her wound with hydrogen peroxide and gave her some medication, but she vomited on him. He left over Jerrie and Danielle's pleas that Grace needed help. Grace's condition worsened and she developed a fever. Legarski then came in and gave Grace a shot, telling her it was antibiotics, which he got from his cousin, a vet. Later, the girls woke to sounds of people walking above them. They shouted for help, but their cries went unheard.[4]

The girls sang to pass the time. When Ronald came in to check on them, they told him that Grace's leg was still full of pus. Danielle then taunted him, saying she knew she represented all the girls who had rejected him and called him a freak. Ronald realized she was trying to find a way to escape and just left the girls there. The girls then discussed what they'd change if they got out. Jerrie said she'd already made the biggest change, but admitted she'd go see her parents, even as much as they hated her, because she missed them. Danielle also blamed herself for getting Grace kidnapped. Soon after, Ronald came and took all three girls from the container to the All-In. He told them it wouldn't be long. Legarski then took over supervising them as they waited for the pickup. When someone came in, he called out to them, thinking it was the pickup. He was surprised to see it was Cassie Dewell. The girls watched as Legarski and Cassie had a standoff. Legarski then told Cassie he was going to count to five and then shoot her. He started counting, but when he got to four, she shot him in the head.[5]

With Legarski down, Danielle, Grace, and Jerrie were evacuated and taken to ambulances to get treated. At the hospital, Grace’s leg was treated and she was expected to make a full recovery.  Danielle, Grace, and Jerrie spoke to police sketch artists to give a description of their other captor in an attempt to find him.

All three girls attended Cody's funeral after his remains were found in his buried truck. [6]

When Grace helped the police find the fisherman's body, the next step was to identify Legarski as the man who shot him. Danielle was upset that she hadn't been with Grace when she had to identify the fisherman's body and came to the hospital with her when she had to identify Legarski as the shooter. Before she left, Grace hugged Danielle.[7]



She is dating Justin Hoyt. She came to Montana from Colorado to visit him.[8]


She and her younger sister, Grace, get along most of the time, happily singing together while on a road trip together, but also have been known to fight.[9]



Notes and Trivia

  • She drove a red Ford Focus.[10]


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