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Dr. Wang is the doctor who treated Rick Legarski after he was shot in the head.


After Rick Legarski was shot in the head, he was taken to the hospital, where Dr. Wang treated him.[1]

When Dr. Wang learned that Legarski had woken up, he came to examine him. When Legarski didn't respond, Wang said it was likely he was not really awake despite his eyes being open. Just then, Legarski strongly gripped Wang's fingers. After Wang managed to get his fingers away, Legarski quoted Jaws.

Dr. Wang gave a statement to the press about Legarski's condition. When Legarski's lawyer from the union arrived, she told Dr. Wang he'd violated the doctor-patient privilege by speaking to the press and warned him that she was not going to back down while defending Legarski.

Dr. Wang later examined Legarski again as they prepared to bring Grace in to identify him as her captor. Legarski had been handcuffed to the bed by this point. As they talked, Legarski asked Dr. Wang for a bedpan as he'd had an accident.[2]

Cassie came to the hospital and asked Dr. Wang about Legarski's condition. Wang said he couldn't tell her as it was protected by doctor-patient privilege and his lawyer would end Wang's career if he told. Cassie tried to convince him to tell her anyway, saying he could be the guy who helped or the guy who hindered. Wang finally said he didn't know what was going on in Legarski's brain, so he couldn't tell her.[3]


He is a doctor at St. Helena Hospital.

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