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Gil Amaya is the Kleinsasser's former ranch manager.


Gil worked for the Kleinsassers as their ranch manager for 25 years until he was let go and locked out of the caretaker's cabin. Soon after that, his daughter, Rosie, was attacked by two of the Kleinsasser sons, Rand and John Wayne, who framed their brother, Blake, for the attack.

Later, when private investigators Jenny Hoyt and Cassie Dewell tracked Rosie down and talked to her, Gil interrupted and tried to get them both to leave, saying he knew what the Kleinsassers were capable of. Jenny told Gil that Blake wasn't the one who attacked Rosie, which Gil knew, but also said there was no point in disputing it. Jenny and Cassie finally left. Jenny left her card in case Gil changed his mind and decided to talk to them.[1]

After speaking to Nora Danvers about her son, Cole, who had disappeared while working for the Kleinsassers, Jenny went to Gil to ask about his role with Cole. Gil said he'd told Cole to keep his head down and accept the paycheck, but Cole started asking questions and ended up getting killed. Gil himself only got off the ranch alive because Horst was certain he wouldn't talk about what happened there. They paid him off to leave. Jenny asked what he was involved in. Gil reluctantly told them that Horst was allowing companies to dump their toxic waste on his back pasture. There was a paper trial, but locked in Horst's office and the back pasture was heavily patrolled. Jenny had the idea to use Blake's funeral as a distraction to get on the back pasture and collect evidence. They got onto the ranch and Gil opened one of the barrels, showing a skull floating at the top. He said the bodies were undocumented workers who died while transporting the waste. Gil took a soil sample so Jenny could have it tested. After some time, they were interrupted by headlights approaching. Gil warned them to run.[2]

Gil told Jenny and Cassie to run, giving himself up. Horst stopped his truck and forced Gil to in, not believing Gil's cover story that he was checking to see if the barrels were leaking. Gil also told Horst that John Wayne and Rand were the ones who beat Rosie and they framed Blake to get him out of the way so they could take over the ranch. Horst then had Gil restrained in the bar. He sent Cheyenne to kill him, but Gil talked her out of that, saying she was different from her brothers. Once she decided not to kill him, Gil went with her, Jenny, and Rosie as she led them to John Wayne, who was with Jenny. After they met up, there was a confrontation in which Cheyenne killed John Wayne accidentally.[3]







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  • ABC Bio: The former ranch manager forever entangled with the Kleinsasser family, including their darkest secrets.



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