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Helen Pergman is the overbearing mother of Ronald Pergman.


Helen's son, Ronald, was a long-haul truck driver. She looked down on this, feeling that he was a disappointment for not doing more with his life. She felt like she couldn't brag about him when her friends bragged about their own children as he wasn't doing anything worth boasting about.[1]

When Ronald came home after being out all night without calling, she lectured him about how much she'd worried about him because he was her child. He defended himself as a hero for driving a truck. She told him he was pent up and suggested he go masturbate while she made them food. She also asked him what happened to his neck, but he refused to answer her. Later that night, he couldn't sleep and so crawled in bed with her in the middle of the night.[2]

The next morning, she told Ronald she was not happy with how he was acting.[3] She later discovered Ronald watching a news report where the missing girls' mother was pleading for their return. She knew that the girls coincided with his urges. She asked him he had something to tell her, and he dumped a bowl of cereal on her head. She told him she still saw more good in him than evil, but the day that changed would be a bad day for both of them.[4]

Increasingly suspicious, Helen asked Ronald if he was a sexual pervert. In response, he grabbed her by the neck and squeezed. He told her never to call him that again and let her go. Later, she asked him directly if he had the missing girls. He admitted that his business associate had them. He couldn't tell her a name or go to the police, but he did have a plan.[5]

When Legarski got shot and the girls were recovered, Helen and Ronald watched a news report that said they were looking for a long-haul trucker in connection with the case. Helen was horrified, but Ronald said no one but Legarski knew he was involved. He needed to concentrate and figure out what to do. Helen later found Ronald watching a report that said they were searching every inch of the Legarski home looking for evidence. Ronald told Helen that Legarski kept his records in a hidden room behind his closet and Ronald just had to get to them before the police found them.[6]

Helen came to Ronald the next morning and asked how this happened. He told her that Legarski made him feel important after a lifetime of her making him feel worthless. Later, they talked in Ronald's truck and he told her he hadn't killed anyone yet, but that might have to change. She told him he'd taken it as far as he could and hadn't gotten caught yet. As the news reported that Legarski was improving, Helen told Ronald this and said she'd be praying for him and suggested he pray for himself as well. She later confronted him and said she couldn't allow him to continue. She'd prayed about it and decided she had to turn himself into the police. To prevent her from doing this, he put his hands on her neck and broke it.[7]

After her death, Ronald learned that his mother had confided in her priest, Ted Maynard, about her concerns about her son. Ronald ended up moving her body to the basement, where he put her in a closet.[8]

Helen's body was removed from the house when Jenny carried her out, believing her body was Erik Westergaard.[9]




Her son lives with her. She is very overbearing and constantly belittles him.[10]



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