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Joanie Sullivan is the mother of Danielle and Grace Sullivan.


Daughters' Disappearance

After her daughters, Danielle and Grace, disappeared on a road trip to Montana to see Danielle's boyfriend, Joanie appeared on the news begging anyone with information to come forward.[1]

Joanie and Robert then came to Tubb's office to meet with him. He assured them he was doing everything he could to find their daughters. When Joanie asked about offering a reward, he said that a tip line that paid for information had been set up, but nothing meaningful had come in yet. He promised them he'd investigate each lead personally.[2]

When Danielle and Grace were rescued, Joanie and Robert came to the hospital with them while Grace's leg was treated.[3]

Joanie and Robert later accompanied Grace out to the woods when she agreed to help them find the body of the fisherman she'd seen Legarski kill. After the body was found, Tubb asked Grace to identify it. Joanie objected, but Grace said she'd do it.

Joanie and Robert later objected to Grace going to the hospital to identify Legarski as their captor, but Grace again insisted that she could do it and they waited outside while Grace went in and told Tubb Legarski was the one.[4]



She is married to Robert Sullivan.


She and her husband have two daughters, Danielle and Grace.


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