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Justin Hoyt is the son of Cody and Jenny Hoyt.


Danielle's Disappearance

Justin's girlfriend, Danielle, and her sister, Grace, were on a road trip from Colorado to Montana to come visit him. On their way, he learned of an accident on I-90, so he sent her an alternate route to take. Later, when they didn't arrive, Justin called his father. His parents both then jumped in to start searching for the girls.[1]

The next day, Justin asked his mother why the police weren't looking for Danielle and Grace. She said they hadn't even been missing for a day, so they weren't technically missing yet. Despite this, Jenny herself wouldn't stop looking for them.[2]

Cody's Death and Funeral

When his dad didn't reappear, Justin became convinced he was dead and told his mother so. She held him why he cried in grief.[3]

When Cody's body was discovered in his buried truck, Jenny had his remains cremated and planned a funeral for him. Justin attended the funeral and helped his mother spread some of his father's ashes in the wind.[4]

When Jenny returned to Helena after learning Ronald had been arrested, she went to see Justin. Jenny apologized to him for disappearing after Cody died. She hadn't been there for Justin like she should have been. She promised him she was done running from things.[5]



He is dating Danielle Sullivan.



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