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Melissa is a waitress at Dirty Spoon Diner, who reported Jerrie missing.


Jerrie's Music and Disappearance

Melissa knew Jerrie from when she would come into the diner and share her newest music with Melissa. Melissa happily listened to her songs and gave her feedback on them. She also went over to Jenny, who had just ordered, and filled her coffee cup only for Jenny to run out of the diner without waiting for her food. Melissa attributed it to being one of her moods.[1]

The next day, when Jenny came back to the diner, Melissa asked her how she could report someone missing without incriminating that person. When pressed, she told Jenny that Jerrie moonlights as a prostitute and always checks in with her, but hadn't. Jenny confirmed she was working last night and took a picture Melissa had of Jerrie.[2]

When Jerrie felt unsafe at home due to the trucker leaving a note on her door, she went to stay with Melissa and Melissa's husband, Ben. Melissa and Ben assured her it was fine as Ben's top fantasy was a bad guy breaking into their house at night and getting to blow his head off.[3]



She is married to Ben.


She is a waitress at Dirty Spoon Diner.

Notes and Trivia

  • She and Ben have a big dog.[4]



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