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Naomi Hedley is the wife of Alan Hedley.


Naomi was convinced her husband was cheating on her, so she hired Jenny and Cassie to get proof. Jenny and Cassie followed Alan to a hotel, but found that instead of a woman, two men came to meet him there. They went inside the hotel room to find that Alan was being held by a weapon. They were able to save Alan's life and scare Paul Calgrove and Raymond off, but Alan also fled. Naomi was shocked to learn her husband wasn't cheating on her but was involved in something more serious. They thought it might be drug-related, but Naomi said he was ten years sober and would never be involved in something like that.

Later, when they figured out that Bruce, Naomi's father, was involved in Alan's deal, they went to tell Naomi. Naomi answered the door and said Alan had just come home, but her suspicious behavior led Jenny and Cassie to go around the side of the house, where they saw Bruce tied up and held by Raymond at gunpoint. After a brief standoff, Jenny shot Raymond, freeing Naomi and Bruce. Alan was then arrested after telling Naomi he just wanted to make some easy money for them. They kissed before he was put in the squad car.



She is married to Alan Hedley.