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Rachel Westergaard is the mother of Erik Westergaard.


One day, Rachel's son, Erik, didn't come home after his paper route. She became concerned and went to Dewell & Hoyt Private Investigations to ask Denise if she'd seen him. When Rachel told Denise that Erik had called her while she was at work and mentioned recognizing a man she saw in the paper, Denise quickly figured out that he recognized Legarski's accomplice and had likely been abducted by him. They got a copy of his route from the paper and the cops went door-to-door to look for him. Meanwhile, Denise stayed with Rachel and helped keep her calm, assuring her the police would find Erik.[1]

Rachel stayed at Dewell & Hoyt while the police, Jenny, and Cassie searched for information about Erik. When they tracked him to the Pergman house, Rachel wanted to go along while they ambushed the place, but Denise kept her back. When the house blew up, Denise reassured Rachel, saying they had no evidence that Erik was in the house. Jerrie also assured Rachel that she never believed Ronald capable of hurting a child. Later, after Erik was rescued, Rachel brought him to Dewell & Hoyt so they could thank Cassie and Jenny.[2]



She has a 12-year-old son, Erik.



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