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Raymond is a criminal who worked with Paul Calgrove.


Raymond and his partner, Paul Calgrove, met with Alan Hedley at a motel. Things quickly went south and Paul pulled a weapon on Alan. However, before he could fire, Jenny and Cassie came in and distracted Paul and Raymond while Alan hid in the bathroom with the case he'd brought. Jenny and Cassie convinced Paul and Raymond to leave.

Paul and Raymond then tracked Alan to another motel. Paul went inside alone and tried to take the case from Alan. Alan pushed Paul back, accidentally killing him when he landed on the antlers of a deer head that was on the floor. When Raymond saw Alan leaving alone, he went inside the room, took care of Paul's body, and cleaned up the motel room. He also took Alan's phone, which Alan had left behind.

Raymond then went to Naomi's house and held her and her father at gunpoint, trying to get Alan's location out of them. After a brief standoff, Jenny shot Raymond, freeing them and ending the conflict.



He was seeing Paul Calgrove until Paul's death.