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Ronald Pergman is a long-haul truck driver who helped Rick Legarski kidnap and traffic multiple young women.



At the age of two, Ronald was baptized by Ted Maynard. Prior to the baptism, Ronald's father told Maynard to hold him down a little longer in order to toughen him up. Even as an adult, Ronald remembered this conversation.[1]

Meeting Legarski

Ronald met Rick Legarski when Legarski pulled up alongside his truck while a sex worker named Sage was performing oral sex on him. Legarski called him out of the truck and said he'd been following him for a while and knew this wasn't the first time he'd succumbed to temptation. Even men like them, heroes, sometimes had lapses in judgment. He said that Ronald could either be arrested or he could help Sage by lifting her out of the gutter.[2]

Kidnapping Jerrie, Danielle, and Grace

Ronald was a long-haul truck driver, something that disappointed his overbearing mother, Helen. As he deadheaded out, he stopped at a truck stop. Jerrie Kennedy, who introduced herself as Michelle, climbed into his cab and offered him her services. He was in awe of how beautiful she was and wondered what her parents thought of what she was doing. She said she hadn't spoken to her parents in a very long time. Then she asked what he wanted to do. He took his taser and tased her in the neck until she passed out. Then he wrapped her in plastic and put her in the back of his truck. As he drove, he cut off Danielle and Grace Sullivan as they went to get back on the road and didn't stop. Angered, Danielle chased him and tried to pass him. She got angrier after he swerved in front of them, nearly running them off the road and passed him, calling him a loser as she drove by. As they were on an incline, he was unable to keep up and they lost him. However, when he reached the point where they exited, he took the same exit they had. When their car overheated and they were forced to pull over, he caught up with them. Recognizing the car as the one that had cut him off, he immediately went to the driver's side window, broke the glass, and tased Danielle. He then went to the other side and did the same with Grace. He taped both girls' arms and mouths and put them in the back of his truck with Jerrie.

When the girls woke up and removed the tape, they started banging on the sides of the truck, making noise. Ronald stopped his truck and opened the back. Danielle begged him to let them go and told him Jerrie was dead. He went to investigate and Jerrie popped up and stabbed him in the neck with a tease comb. Danielle then jumped on top of him and started hitting him, but he tased all the girls again and then locked them back up in the back of his truck.[3]

After Legarski killed Cody, Ronald buried both Cody's truck and Danielle's car. Legarski then sat Ronald down and said he'd hand-picked Ronald because of his good judgment. Kidnapping the girls was not good judgment. They take girls who won't be missed. Legarski defended killing Cody because he said Cody had already figured out a long-haul trucker was responsible. He had to kill Cody to clean up a mess Ronald had made. Ronald then went home, where his mother was upset because he'd been out all night without calling.

Ronald went back to the girls, where he taunted Danielle because she'd called him a loser. He then got Jerrie to tell the other girls he wasn't evil, an assertion Grace rejected because of what he'd done to them. Jerrie then stood up for the other two, saying they were just kids and he could do what he wanted to her instead. Ronald then threw in some supplies for them and left.

Ronald told Legarski that he believed Grace was probably a virgin and though they could get triple for her, but Legarski said those girls weren't marketable as they had a family who was looking for them. He told Ronald to get Jerrie ready, because she was deliverable unlike the other two. Ronald went back to the container and got Jerrie. He took her to a shower and told her to clean herself up and wash her hair. He also said she'd be taken to a place where she'd keep doing what she does, but it would be safer. After she'd taken off her clothes, she made him look at her as she removed her wig. He then returned her to the container still wet and in her old clothes. Ronald went to Legarski and told him about what Grace had said about her uncle, but Legarski told him she hadn't sent anything as he checked their phones before he destroyed them. He then made sure Ronald was sure about Jerrie. When Ronald said he was, Legarski said they'd have to adjust their plans.

That night, Ronald went home and climbed into bed with his mother in the middle of the night, telling her he couldn't sleep.[4]

The next morning, Helen told Ronald that she didn’t like the way he was acting. Ronald went to check on the girls and found Grace missing. He realized that she had gone into the drainage pipe and went after her, threatening to kill Danielle if she didn’t return. Then the drainage pipe collapsed, cutting off the path between them and forcing him to retreat. He told Legarski about Grace’s escape and said he thought Grace had been crushed. Legarski told him to dig out the drain while Legarski himself went to look for her. He dug the drain out and found her shoe, but nothing else of her. Then he went back to check on Jerrie and Danielle again. When he opened the door, they attacked him, but he used the taser to subdue them before leaving again. After he left, he realized they had knocked out of one of his molars. When Legarski returned with Grace, he told Ronald to patch up the container so where would be no more escapes, leave enough food for a few days, and then stay away for a big. Ronald got into a bit of a disagreement with the girls when he went to repair the container, leading to him banging on the container with a hammer.[5]

Ronald watched the news as the girls' mother pleaded for information relating to their locations. His mother saw him watching and asked him if he had something to tell her. She know those girls coincided with his urges. In response, he dumped a bowl of cereal on her head. She then quietly explained to him that she still saw more good in him than evil, but the day that changed would be a very bad day for them both. While they were talking, Legarski called him and said he'd found someone to take the girls. They wouldn't get any money for them, but the problem would be off their hands. When Ronald told Legarski that his mother was suspicious of him, Legarski said it was starting to seem like Ronald was a loose end, though Ronald assured him it meant nothing as his mother was always suspicious of him.

Ronald went to see the girls. When they told him Grace's wound was infected and she was sick, he put hydrogen peroxide on it and gave her some medications, which she threw up. He then left them again. He told Legarski she was too sick to be moved, but he said she'd have to be moved the next day.

Ronald went into Merrilee's store and bought a quilt from her. He then invited her to a taxi dance, but told her he wouldn't charge her to dance with him. She came to the dance, but started to leave when she saw him dancing with someone else. He chased after her and convinced her to stay, saying she seemed lonely like he was. As they danced, she started to suspect he had expectations, though he assured her he didn't. At the end of the night, Ronald got a call from Legarski saying he'd given Grace some antibiotics and it was time to get them cleaned up and dressed to be moved.[6]

Ronald went to check on the girls. Grace's wound was still full of pus and Danielle taunted him by suggesting he suck on it. She also said she knew she represented all the girls who said no to him. Ronald realized she was trying to figure out a way to escape and simply left after telling them it was the first day of the rest of their lives. As he left, he noticed broken glass and told Legarski that someone else had been on the property. He thought maybe someone had followed Legarski.

Ronald then took the girl to the All-In. Legarski told Ronald that after the girls were picked up, he was officially out of the business. It was taking a toll on his marriage. During this conversation, Ronald realized he'd been dancing with Legarski's wife. Ronald then cleaned up the girls and gave them new clothes to wear. Jerrie made a final plea with Ronald to let them go, but he refused.

When Ronald went home, his mother asked him what had kept him. She then asked if he was a sexual pervert, so he grabbed her by the neck and started choking her. He let her go and told her never to call him that again.

Ronald then went to Merrilee's shop again to tell her he'd be on the road for a while. She told him that she was married and the dancing needed to be a one-time thing. He said that made him sad, but accepted it. He then kissed her and left her shop.

When Ronald went home again, his mother asked him directly if he had the girls and he told her that his business associate had them. He couldn't tell her his name or go to the police, but he said he had a plan.[7]

Killing His Mother and Kidnapping Erik

Ronald went by the All-In, but kept driving when he saw the cops and paramedics. He went back home and he and his mother watched a news report that stated they were looking for a long-haul trucker. Helen was horrified, but Ronald said no one knew he was involved except Legarski and he was sure Legarski hadn’t told anyone else. He was also concerned because he knew the girls could identify him.

Ronald called Merrilee, offering his condolences. During this call, he learned that Legarski wasn't dead, which he told his mother. He then repainted his truck and replaced the license plate. He then followed Jerrie and Jenny and photographed them from a distance as they talked. He then went home and told his mother that Legarski had a secret room behind his closet where he kept records. Ronald needed to get into the house and destroy the files, which he said he’d do. Later that night, he went to the Legarski house to break in.[8]

Ronald watched the news report on Legarski's condition. His mother came in and asked how they got to where they were. He told her it was because Legarski valued him after years of his mother telling him he was worthless. Ronald continued to watch the news reports on Legarski. He played loud music and sat in his truck to think. His mother interrupted him too tell him she thought he'd taken things as far as he could, but he ignored her.

Ronald called Merrilee and got her to meet him for a walk. They talked about Legarski's condition and how easy it is not to know someone. During a later phone call, Ronald secured an invitation to Merrilee's house, which he needed in order to find and destroy the evidence in Legarski's house that incriminated him. As he went to leave, his mother confronted him and said she was going to report him to the police as she couldn't let him become a murderer. In response, he grabbed her neck and snapped it, killing her. He was horrified by what he'd done and cried out for his mother before leaving her dead in her chair and leaving the house.

Ronald went to Merrilee's house. After a few moments, they hugged and then kissed. She pushed him off, saying she couldn't do that, but offered him some tea. While she made the tea, he went upstairs under the pretense of using the bathroom, but instead went to the bedroom and found the room in the back of the closet.[9]

When Cassie and Jenny arrived at the Legarski house, Ronald made a quick escape out the window and drove back home. When he got home, he was confronted by his mother's body, still in the chair. He put her into a wheeled chair and took her down to the basement. He then mopped the kitchen floor and did the dishes as he remembered his mother's insistence that they keep a clean house.

The next morning, while retrieving his paper, Ronald notice that his paper deliverer, Erik Westergaard, was taking pictures of him from the bush. He grabbed Erik from behind and took him to the basement, where he put Erik in a cage. Ronald kept taunting Erik in the cage until Ted Maynard came to the door and drew him away. Ronald talked to Maynard for a while and learned that his mother had told Maynard about his urges and some of his activities. Suddenly, they both heard the muffled sounds of Erik screaming in the basement. Ronald went down and threatened Erik to keep him quiet, but discovered Maynard had followed him down the stairs. Ronald chased Maynard back upstairs and they fought in the kitchen. Ronald then drowned Maynard in the sink and threw his body down the stairs. After moving the body, Ronald went to Erik and asked him some questions. He told Erik he would kill him if he lied. After the first question, Ronald leaned in close to the bars. Erik held up a staple gun and fired multiple staples into Ronald's forehead. He also revealed that he had the taser.

After this, Ronald took a can of gasoline and cheerfully spread it all over the basement. Then he asked Erik if he had a match.[10]

Despite this, Ronald did not set the house on fire at that point, but he did work with a soldering iron, which Erik questioned as there was gasoline all over the house. Ronald was irritated by Erik, especially as he continued to talk, telling Ronald about a serial killer he'd read about who got away with killing 93 people because he killed people no one cared about. He taunted Ronald, saying he'd never even make it to trial if he killed a kid.

Later, Ronald answered the door to find Cassie, who was visiting houses on Erik's route to see if anyone had seen him or knew anything about his disappearance. Ronald spoke to her with a gun hidden behind the door, but she didn't recognize him as they spoke. However, after she left, she realized who he was. Soon afterward, the police surrounded his house and they attempted to lure him out. They were unaware that he'd already taken Erik and left by the time they entered the house. He fled in the priest's car, a black Tesla, with Erik. Jenny and Cassie tracked down the Tesla, but learned that Ronald wasn't in it when they pulled alongside it. They stopped the car, which had been on autopilot with Maynard behind the wheel, and saved Erik. Meanwhile, Ronald drove away in his rig.[11]

New Life

Three months later, Ronald had established a new life for himself as a meal delivery driver named Arthur. He was dating Scarlet Leyendecker, who had a young daughter, Phoebe. The trail behind him had gone cold, but he continued to use burner phones to call Dewell & Hoyt, reminding Jerrie that he was still out there. Ronald was disturbed when Scarlet's sister, Mary, showed up one evening while they were having dinner. Scarlet had told him she didn't have any contact with her family. He made an excuse and left the house for the night.[12]

Ronald was shocked one day when Scarlet found his taser under the sink and asked him about it. She encouraged him to tell her his secrets, but he refused even after she confessed that she gets a thrill from stealing. Later, in bed, Scarlet said it was okay for Ronald to talk about what he likes, but he refused again and simply rolled away from her.

Ronald went out somewhere with a cake for someone named Kelli and told her he'd found someone special who loved him and understood him. He came to say goodbye, which he did.[13]

Ronald secretly went to a bar where Jerrie was singing karaoke and watched her. When she noticed him, she froze and struggled to continue singing, eventually forcing her to leave the stage. Shortly afterward, Scarlet confronted him with the note Mark had left as bait for Ronald, asking him to explain it and tasing him every time she didn't believe his story. Eventually, he told a story, still a lie, which satisfied her.[14]

Ronald found a truck on Facebook Marketplace and met up with Al to look at it. He took it for a test drive, where he imagined talking to his mother, telling her he was a good boy now and found a woman who understood him. He then seemed to feel she was responding to him and hid the picture of her.

Ronald went over to Scarlet's place, where he overheard her talking to her sister, Mary, about him. Mary was trying to convince Scarlet that she'd seen Ronald somewhere before. Mary tried to get a picture of Ronald, but he refused to let her take on until she got in it. He forced her to the middle and then told her if three people take a picture together, they say the person in the middle dies first.

Ronald then stole Scarlet's phone and saw that she had a text from Mary saying that Arthur wasn't who she thought he was and to call her. He went to Mary's house, where he used his taser to force his way inside. Once inside, he wrapped her up in a blanket and calmly ate cereal while talking to her, telling her about a GI Joe he had as a child, which his mother used to lock away when he made the GI Joe do something impure. He said his mother had good intentions, though, and asked Mary about hers. He cut a hold in the blanket by her face with his knife, then threatened Phoebe and Scarlet, asking her if she told anyone. She denied it, so he checked her search results and found that she'd looked up Dewell & Hoyt, so she changed her story to say she called, but didn't say anything. She just left a message asking them to call her back. She told Ronald he was a monster repeatedly and he started stabbing her when she wouldn't stop.

Ronald sang to himself as he cleaned up Mary's house. He picked up one of her dolls off the shelf and talked to it, explaining that they keep a clean house. He was distracted by a knock at the door. He dragged Mary's body and hid as Cassie and Mark came to the door. By the time they came into the house, Ronald was gone and had taken the body with him. He drove away with Mary's body and one of her dolls.[15]

Ronald surprised Scarlet and Phoebe with the truck in the middle of the night, saying they were going camping. Scarlet wanted to wait until morning, but Ronald and Phoebe convinced her to go right away, especially when Ronald gave her her phone back, claiming he'd found it. They packed up and he drove them out into the woods. When they arrived, he looked back at Scarlet and Phoebe, who were sleeping, as well as Mary's body, which he had stowed away. He sent Scarlet and Phoebe out to explore.

While they were distracted, Ronald attempted to hide the body, but Scarlet called out to him. He hid behind a tree and later told them he went to check out a noise and got lost. Phoebe had found a leaf with blood on it and told him about it. He told her it probably belonged to a nice animal who had been hunted. He started to go more in depth, but Scarlet cut him off, not wanting him to scare Phoebe. Later that night, while Phoebe and Scarlet were sleeping, Ronald left the tent to bury Mary's body. While he worked, he was interrupted by Phoebe, who asked what he was doing.[16]

Ronald claimed he had found a deer and was burying it. He also made her promise not to tell anyone what she'd seeing, saying she had to protect the dead deer by not telling anyone where it was buried. He suggested that she say a prayer for the deer and while she was doing that, he held a rock over her head. When she turned around, he dropped the rock to the ground, saying it was a marker for the deer. Later, Scarlet got a call that her sister was missing, leading to her frantically packing to leave. Ronald refused to let them leave until she told him there was something at her missing sister's house that the police could't find. They dropped Phoebe off with Peg, a neighbor, before driving to Mary's house. On the way there, Scarlet told Ronald that Steve was a bad man who hurt her. She stopped it by putting a screwdriver through his skull. Then Mary helped her hide the body in her freezer. As she was telling him about this, she used Ronald's real name, revealing to him that she knew who he was. He was startled, but recovered and they agreed to stop pretending with each other.

At the house, they found the freezer missing, triggering Scarlet to panic. The panic intensified when they heard noise outside. They held each other.[17]

After sharing a kiss, Ronald told Scarlet the plan. He pretended to be kidnapping her when Mark and Jerrie came in and she broke free after biting him, allowing him to run the other way. However, Jerrie was waiting for him and Mark arrested him. As he was transported, he said he'd need to see a doctor for the bite. He also said he'd help the police, as long as Jenny and Cassie were present at the conversation. That night, Mark sat outside Ronald's cell, watching him. Ronald asked Mark for a kindness, which he promised to repay. He asked Mark to play a song for him, and he did. The next day, Ronald offered them information in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table. He wrote the name Kelli on the table in front of him in his own blood. She was his special one. He asked them to let him take them to her, saying they'd find Mary if they found Kelli. He told them about keeping a cat in a cage in his basement as a child, against his mother's wishes. When his mother started asking questions, he simply stopped feeding the cat. Just left it in the cage as an experiment. He convinced them to let him out to take them to Kelli. He led them to a garage, which he said was his happy place. He used to visit Kelli there. Legarski found out about Kelli and tried to get Ronald to hand her over, but he refused. But then he stopped visiting her. When Mark asked about Mary, Ronald tried to make it a game, causing Mark to pull the plug and send Ronald back.

As they drove back, they were hit by another car, flipping theirs. Two men then got out of the car and fired on them. After one was killed by Jenny, the other pulled Ronald out of the car, then shot Jenny, and took Ronald away. Ronald and the man drove off and met Scarlet, who was waiting on the side of the road with a van. The man gave them new identities and said they'd be at the border in three hours. When Scarlet realized they weren't going to stop and get Phoebe, she and Ronald overpowered the driver, killed him, dumped his body on the side of the road, and then drove off together.[18]




He lived with his mother, who was very overbearing and constantly belittled him, until he killed her.[19]




He is a long-haul truck driver.

Notes and Trivia

  • He was 38 years old as of the pilot.[20]
  • As a child, his mother made him wash his hair every night so it would smell pretty.[21]


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