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Rosie Amaya is the daughter of the Kleinsassers' former ranch manager.


Rosie was assaulted after spending an evening catching up with Blake Kleinsasser, who had recently returned home. Blake was arrested for the assault, but maintained his innocence. Jenny and Cassie got help from Mark Lindor, a US Marshal, to find where Rosie was staying and went to talk to her. When they arrived at her location, she held a gun on them until they explained who they were. Rosie took them inside and explained to them everything she remembered from that night, starting with having a good time with Blake, who was the same good guy she'd known since they were kids. Then she blacked out, which she said felt the same as a college friend who had been roofied. When she woke up, she was bruised and bloodied all over. She didn't believe Blake could do something like that. Then she started having flashes and remembered that Rand was there that night.[1]

Jenny and Cassie tried to convince Rosie to come forward and tell her story, but she said there was no use in doing that as the Kleinsassers would do worse if she did. When her father interrupted the conversation, Rosie tried to convince him to listen to Jenny and Cassie. He refused, saying he knew what the Kleinsassers were capable of.[2]

When Jenny and Cassie turned to ask Gil about Nora and Cole Danvers, Rosie encouraged him to talk to them, saying she wanted to know the truth.[3]

Rosie later found Cassie passed out on the Kleinsasser ranch after they'd gone there to get proof or Horst's crimes. She was able to wake Cassie up and helped her track Rand, who had hit her with his truck. They followed a trail of blood to Rand's house, where they found him bleeding. Rosie wanted to kill him, but Cassie stopped her, saying he was already dying. Margaret then arrived and held Rand as he died. Cassie and Rosie then went to find Gil. They found him as Cheyenne held a gun on him. Despite this, he insisted that Cheyenne wasn't going to kill him. They then followed Cheyenne to John Wayne and Jenny. There was a confrontation in which Cheyenne killed John Wayne. Once that was done, Jenny called the police to come to the ranch.[4]

After Wagy and Gregor were arrested, Rosie went to the interim sheriff and amended her statement, clearing Blake's name.[5]







Notes and Trivia

  • ABC Bio: The tough as nails daughter of Gil Amaya, the Kleinsasser family's ranch manager. Rosie grew up close to Blake Kleinsasser, who taught her the ropes of cattle-ranching. Rosie will play a pivotal role in Dewell and Hoyt’s investigation into Lochsa county and unraveling its darkest secrets.



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