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Ted Maynard is Helen's priest.


Ted came to the Pergman house when one of his congregants, Helen, missed a meeting. Her son, Ronald, told Ted that his mother had gone to see her sister, who had cancer. Ted then came inside to speak to Ronald, saying his mother had been worried about him and had shared her worries with him. Ronald shared a memory of Ted baptizing him as a child and following Ronald's father's request to hold him under the water longer in an attempt to toughen him up. Ted became suspicious when he hear noise coming from downstairs, even when Ronald insisted it was just his dog. When they heard the muffled sounds of Erik Westergaard, Ronald excused himself to take care of it. Ted followed Ronald down to the basement, where he saw Erik being kept in a cage. He ran back upstairs, but Ronald chased him. After they fought, Ronald drowned Ted in the sink and then threw his body down the stairs.[1]

Ronald later used Maynard's body weight to keep the Tesla in motion as it autopiloted. Cassie and Jenny eventually stopped the car by getting in front of it, triggering it to stop itself.[2]


He was a priest.



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