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Unfinished Business is the fourth episode of the first season of Big Sky and the fourth episode of the series overall. It was written by Annakate Chappell & Matthew Tinker and directed by Tasha Smith. It aired on December 8, 2020 on ABC.


Unsatisfied with the investigation now that the girls' disappearance has made headlines, Cassie and Jenny take things into their own hands, tapping into their individual strengths to make headway in the case. Meanwhile, Legarski attempts to keep cool, but Ronald takes a different approach to protecting himself. Still captive, Danielle and Jerrie tend to Grace, who makes a painful decision in an attempt to save them all.


As he drives, Legarski listens to the news on the radio, which reports that Danielle and Grace have been missing for four days along with an unidentified third woman. It further explains that there have been hundreds of unsolved abductions in the area, mostly indigenous women.

Ronald watches the news, where Joanie Sullivan is pleading for anyone who has seen her daughters to come forward. She also speaks to Danielle and Grace directly, telling them she loves them. Helen peeks at Ronald from around the corner. She turns the TV off and asks him if there was something interesting on. He tries to get her to leave him alone, saying he doesn't like to be disturbed while eating his cereal, but she asks him about the young, pretty girls, which coincides with his urges. She asks if he has something to tell her. He picks up his cereal bowl and dumps it on her head. She calmly pats herself dry as she reminds him that life is meant to be lived with affection and mindfulness. He tells her he's sick of her, but she just laughs him off, which makes him angrier. She still believes there's more good in him than bad and the day she no longer believes that will be a terrible day for both of them. Ronald's phone rings and it's Legarski. Legarski asks if he's seeing or hearing any of this. It's everywhere. They have to move the girls. Legarski found a taker and they'll pick up the girls tomorrow. Not a buyer. Just someone taking the girls off their hands. He tells Ronald to meet him at the bar. After he hangs up, he tells his mother that the call is his business. She asks if he has something to do with the missing girls. He denies it and she tells him she hopes he'll do the right thing and she'll definitely do the right thing. Ronald says sometimes doing the right thing has to give way to doing what's necessary. He'll do what's necessary.

Danielle and Jerrie look at a can of canned ham which is infested with maggots. Danielle doesn't think this is a good idea, but Grace says it's her only idea. They don't have a lot of choices. Grace's wounds are infected. She needs them to put maggots in her wound, knowing they'll eat the dead tissue. The fact that it's disgusting might be a positive, as they're planning to traffic the girls. If they don't look marketable, people will freak out. They'll have to give her antibiotics, which will buy them time. Grace also tells them if the infection spreads, she'll lose her leg. Jerrie gags as she grabs some maggots and puts them in Grace's wound.

Jenny speaks to Sheriff Tubb as they walk. He wants some evidence that Legarski is doing something wrong before he'll go after him. Being the last person to see Cody alive isn't enough evidence. He can't sour his relationship with a state trooper on a hunch. He taught her to trust her hunches. Her husband is missing plus her son's girlfriend and the girlfriend's sister. She needs to find them. Tubb radios to Louise, asking her to call Legarski in to talk to him at his earliest convenience. Jenny thanks him

Cassie is eating with her son and her father. They show her dad their special handshake. Kai goes to take care of his plate and Joseph asks her how she's doing. He's worried the case is dredging stuff up, like her husband. She says it's old news. He thinks he's given bad advice. He told her to move on, put one foot in front of the other. But it would have been better to stop and cry some. She's been on the run ever since, which is how she ended up with Cody. He asks if she's in love with him and she says maybe. He grabs her hand when she goes to clear his plate and she assures him that she's okay.

Ronald is scared that Legarski is meeting with the Sheriff, but Legarski isn't worried and says he knows the sheriff. The meeting could be unrelated to the girls, as they're also coordinating on a meth case, but Ronald knows it isn't good. Ronald says his mother is worked up, too, and asked him directly if he was involved. Legarski asks why she would ask about that. Ronald says his mother suspects him of everything and it doesn't mean anything, but Legarski is upset, feeling she wouldn't ask if she didn't know anything. Legarski reaches for his gun, but hesitates. He's beginning to think Ronald is a loose end. Ronald says anything happens to him and the trail leads right to Legarski. Legarski says Ronald doesn't want a trail leading to him because he's a strict record keeper and it'll implicate Ronald as well. Ronald says the two people in life he's closest to are Legarski and his mother and neither of them appreciates his core value, that he'll do what's necessary. Legarski asks if that's a threat. Ronald says he's the gentler man, which means he's stronger. Legarski just laughs.

Cassie and Denise look at security footage of the last time anyone saw Jerrie, at a truck stop. They conclude that a trucker must have taken her. This doesn't mean Legarski's not involved as there's too many eyes on a state trooper, meaning he'd have to have a partner. Cassie asks Denise to write down every plate number she can see and contact the Department of Transportation for information on the drivers. Jenny comes in and tells them Legarski is on his way to see Sheriff Tubb. Cassie grabs a tracker and goes to place it, though Denise thinks it's too risky. It's a crime and she's going to the sheriff's office to do it. Jenny says they don't have time not to do it. They need to see where Legarski goes and they're certain they won't get caught.

Ronald goes to see the girls. They tell him that Grace is dying. He has Danielle and Jerrie back up so he can look at Grace. He puts hydrogen peroxide on the wounds and she screams. He then gives her some medications. Danielle tries to plead with him for help, saying he has a good heart. He shuts her up just as Grace sits up and vomits on him. Danielle and Jerrie yell at him that Grace needs help as he leaves the container and locks them in again.

Legarski minimizes his last conversation with Cody, saying it was only a couple minutes and Cody was going on and on about the church. Legarski starts giving a speech about how America used to be special and now it's gone downhill. Tubb tries to get him back on track. Legarski tries to paint it as society having a thing against cops and having to do backflips anytime a Black person complains. He thinks Tubb it just doing backflips. Legarski then rants about Cassie and how she's trying to cancel Rick Legarski. He tries to paint himself as the victim of a witch hunt, part of a greater witch hunt against cops.

Cassie and Jenny place the tracker on Legarski's truck as they walk toward the sheriff's office. Cassie pretends to be surprised to see him, but he quickly tells her he's there because she complained. Jenny introduces herself as Cody's wife. He fakes concern, but Jenny knows Cody was last seen with Legarski. Legarski uses that as more evidence that people are against cops.

Ronald goes into Merrilee's store and admires her work. He picks up a blanket and buys it. As she rings it up, he stares at her. She asks if everything's okay and then why he's staring. He says she's very beautiful. Someone once told him he was handsome and it made him feel good, so he likes to tell beautiful people that they're beautiful. He also notices she's sad. He then invites her to a taxi dance. He charges people for dances but wouldn't charge her because she's beautiful and sad. He doesn't make a habit of this, but she's special.

Ronald doesn't want Grace to be moved, but Legarski says they have to move her tomorrow. He asks if Ronald's sure she's not faking it. Ronald says she needs antibiotics. Peroxide wasn't strong enough. Legarski says he'll go out there. He has to stop and take a breath. He's killed two people and they've been holding two girls captive. Ronald says they'll take the girls tomorrow and it'll be all over.

Denise is having a hard time getting full plates on the trucks. Cassie says they should start with the truckers they got and go from there. Jenny pulls them up on the computer. One has a criminal record. He has a set schedule, so he'll be at the truck stop again tonight. They can't wait for Legarski to show his hand and need to look for his partner. Jenny says if the girls were in the truck, there will be DNA in there. She can pull something and get a match. Cassie asks how she'll get access. Denise comes in, objecting to Jenny using herself as bait. Denise refuses to allow her to go undercover without backup. They see on the tracker that Legarski is moving again. He's leaving the All-In and heading east, off grid. While Denise watches him, Cassie and Jenny are going undercover.

Danielle says Grace is burning up and the maggots aren't helping. Grace assures them she's okay, but they know that's not true. Legarski opens the door. He jokes with them for a moment, which upset them. He comes in and says he got into this business to help the youth, to clean up America. Now two wholesome girls have gotten wrapped up in it. He pulls out a shot and says it's antibiotics. Grace says she doesn't like needles. His cousin is a vet, which is how he got it. He injects the syringe and then leaves.

Cody and Cassie sit beside a fire and sing along as Cassie plays guitar.

Cassie is standing at her sink, letting the water run down the drain. Joseph notices that she's in a trance and asks if she's okay. She says she is and then talk about the trucker. She thinks he could be the guy. Joseph knows something else is going on and she admits that while putting Kai to bed, he asked her what life is about. All she could think was cruelty. She didn't tell him that, but maybe she should have. Maybe they're not doing kids any favors by pretending the world is good. Joseph asks if she thinks anything could have prepared her for her mother taking her own life when Cassie was eleven or that her husband would come back from Afghanistan in a body bag. He knows she's been rattled. She asks him how he went on after her mom died. He says it was because of her, just like she goes on because of Kai. They hug and then she says she has to leave.

Cassie drives Jenny, who is dressed in disguise, to the truck stop. Cassie's worried about Jenny and wants to park where she'll be able to see. If she's backup, she's backing up.

Merrilee enters the taxi dance, where several pairings are already dancing. Someone spikes the punch. Merrilee spots Ronald dancing with an older lady. When he sees her, he stops and follows her out when she tries to leave.

Outside, Ronald introduces himself as Mitchell and convinces her not to leave. He invites her to come in and dance. She asks why her specifically. He tells her she seems really lonely, something they have in common.

Jenny flirts with several truckers on the way to her target, Brad Gunther. She opens his door and tells him he has the best looking truck on the lot. She was hoping the guy inside would match and she's not disappointed. He asks her if she's clean, as he has a family and hygiene is important to him. She assures him that she's very clean. She climbs up into his truck. As he sprays hand sanitizer on himself, she admires his set up. He needs her to sanitize herself first. He says he'd prefer to hookup only with Russian hookers as they tend to be more hygienic, but you don't always get a choice in Montana. He gives her a wipe to clean herself.

Cassie watches this play out from a distance through binoculars.

Brad next has Jenny gargle with mouthwash. When she asks, he says his name is George. She then tells him she's an undercover police officer. She tells him she's not going to bust him, but she's going to take a few things. She grabs his pillow. He tells her she can't search without a warrant. She reminds him she was invited in. He gets angry and asks to see her badge again as he doesn't believe she's a cop. Jenny quickly leaves with the pillow and his toothbrush. He grabs her as she walks away. When Cassie sees what's happening, she comes over as Brad threatens Jenny with a knife. When Jenny shoves him off and knocks him to the ground, he pulls a gun on her, just as Cassie comes over with her own gun and tells him to put his down.

Cassie and Jenny sit across from Tubb. He says having a gun was a probation violation for Brad, so he'll be locked up for a while. He also thinks he should arrest them. Jenny says she didn't hit him until he pulled a knife. He tells them not to expect any more favors from his department.

Ronald and Merrilee dance. He thinks it's nice, but she's not sure what it is. She thinks he has expectations of her. He says he has no intentions of emotional dependence. But he likes to dance and he likes physical touch. Dancing is safe. You can't get hurt.

Denise is there to pick up Cassie and Jenny. She asks them if the trucker was the guy. They admit that they don't know and it doesn't seem like the sheriff's department will run the DNA. Jenny didn't see anything suspicious in his truck. They ask Denise if Legarski moved. She shows them a place where he spent some time out in the middle of nowhere.

Legarski answers Ronald's call. He's been calling Ronald all night and wondered where he was. Ronald says he's been busy with his job. He asks about Grace. Legarski says he gave her antibiotics and she'll be okay. The pickup is at 3 o'clock. That'll give them time to get the girls showered and dressed. This better work as Legarski is at the end of his rope. Ronald says he might be as well, but he doesn't think Legarski has ever considered that. Legarski hangs up when Merrilee comes in the door. He asks where she's been and she just says she was out. She tells him she was dancing with a customer from work. She tells him she's not having an affair, just dancing. She'll settle for that. Then she goes off to bed.

Jenny and Cassie pull up outside the building where the girls are being kept. Cassie wants to call for backup, but Jenny doesn't think that'll work. Cassie says they need to stick together, then, to stay safe. Cassie takes pictures as they look around. They find a door and go inside. Inside, they use flashlights to look around and call out for Cody and Danielle. They go through another door and it slams behind them.

The girls startle awake. They heard the door slamming. Grace has the others be very quiet so they can listen.

Jenny tells Cassie they should check out the other buildings as there's a lot to cover. Cassie feels unsettled.

The girls hear more creaking and start calling out.

Cassie thinks they're close. Jenny says they need to move to the next building because Legarski could be on his way back. Cassie thought she heard something, but goes with Jenny.

Underneath where they were standing, the girls scream for help.

Legarski goes up to bed, where Merrilee is already asleep. He has a hammer in his hand.



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Song Performer Scene
"We'll Meet Again" Cast (Kylie Bunbury and Ryan Phillippe)
  • Cassie remembers singing and playing guitar with Cody.
"Blue Bayou" Roy Orbison
  • Merrilee enters the taxi dance.
  • She leaves when she sees Ronald dancing with another woman.
"Dirty Work" Ashley Ray
  • Jenny walks in front of some truckers.
  • She climbs into her target's truck.
  • He makes her sanitize herself.
"A Whiter Shade of Pale" Procol Harum
  • Merrilee and Ronald dance and talk.
"House of the Rising Sun" Heavy Young Heathens
  • Cassie thinks she's heard something, but Jenny pushes to leave.
  • Beneath them, Jerrie, Danielle, and Grace cry out.
  • Legarski goes upstairs to his room with a hammer in his hand.


  • This episode scored 3.51 million viewers on first airing.


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